Wanted - Movie Screensaver

Wanted - Movie Screensaver

A nice screensaver of Wanted, the Bollywood action movie
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Bollywood is the name given in the West to the movies industry of India. It is one of the most prolific film industries in the world, producing hundreds of films every year. "Wanted" is one of such movies. Starring Aseem Merchant and Ayesha Takia, the film is a typical "tough guy meets pretty girl" story, in which Rahde, a violent gangster, falls in love with Janhvi, while becoming the most wanted man in Mumbai due to a series of twists and clichés taken from many Hollywood action movies. This screensaver is simply a collection of several stills taken from the film. It has nice transition effects, but no sound or music background. Also, the sequence of the images is always the same. Unlike many other screensavers, this one does not have a control panel. Thus, you cannot modify the transition effects or the order of the images, add your music as a background, or show or hide the system's clock. Nevertheless, the photos are well taken and the performers are very handsome, so if you like Bollywood movies or enjoy the beauty of Indian people, then you may like this program, which is absolutely free.

Victor Hernandez
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  • Free
  • Nice photos


  • The stars and the movie itself are not very known outside India
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